Top 10 Tips For Corporate Event Planning


1. Choose the right venue

Choosing the right venue should be the first and perhaps the most important decision you make when planning your event. Whilst practical considerations such as nearby transport links, accessibility and available facilities are imperative, you also want to consider the type of event you are hosting (for example, if it is a full day conference ensure you choose somewhere bright and airy to help your delegates remain refreshed and alert) and whether or not the Venue is representative of your brand.

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2. Make the space your own

Always ensure your brand stands out and your logo is visible. If you don’t have a huge budget for branded banners the simple use of your brand’s colours in centrepieces and decor can be effective.

3. Get the sound set up right

There’s nothing worse than attending an event with lots of speaking and not being able to hear! Making sure you have a good sound set up by asking for advice from your Venue’s Event Managers and testing beforehand will help ensure the success of your event.

4. Provide regular refreshments

Whilst this isn’t usually a problem if you are hosting a corporate lunch or dinner, conferences and meetings mustn’t be overlooked! Ensuring your delegates have regular access to hot drinks and snacks and providing water on your tables will help everybody feel fresh, alert and focused for the duration of your event.

5. Provide a clear schedule

Whether you use an event brochure or timing board it is best practice to let all delegates know the order of the day so they can be prepared, however, don’t be afraid to throw in some surprises to keep everybody entertained and energised!

6. Provide pen and paper

Whilst this allows delegates to make notes and jot down ideas throughout the event, it is also great for brand visibility when they take them away with them.

7. Provide varied catering and check dietary requirements beforehand

Back to refreshments! Always aim to ensure you have a variety of foods available so everyone is satisfied. A vegetarian option is always a must, as is checking for any additional dietary requirements beforehand.

8. Consider incorporating some physical activity to get blood pumping

Particularly important for morning or full day conferences! A ‘wake up’ exercise can help everyone switch on in the morning and provide a positive start to the day (or help beat that after lunch slump!).

9. Speak to your stakeholders

Whether your delegates are internal employees or external clients it is important to define clear goals for your event and that you meet these in your event itinerary.

10. Utilise a ‘thought box’

A thought box is a great tool with which to gather attendees thoughts throughout the event- it’s a great way to gather ideas based on the topics you have covered, gather general feedback and also discover any improvements you could implement for your next event.

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