Liverpool Weddings; Capturing timeless Moments at the royal liver building

When it comes to Liverpool weddings, there’s only one venue that stands out for both it’s historical significance and the breathtaking photo opportunities it offers. The iconic Grade 1 Listed Royal Liver Building, perched on the city’s waterfront, provides a stunning backdrop for your special day. The true heart of the city, the Royal Liver Building is the most iconic location in which to host your most special occasions with perfect photo opportunities to match, ensuring your wedding album tells a once-in-a-lifetime story as captivating as your love. Of all the location shots Liver Suite offers, these are our favourite recommendations to catch the most beautiful location shots of your special day…


 The Royal Balcony: Panoramic Views and Intimate Moments

Leading out from Liver Suites tall double-doors is the Royal Balcony, a vantage point that offers panoramic views of the world-famous waterfront and the River Mersey. This outside space isn’t just perfect for drinks receptions- it’s also an ideal spot for private couples’ photos and full party shots, especially when capturing the magic from above. Consider scheduling your photo session during sunset, as the golden hues of the sun create a romantic atmosphere over the water, enhancing the beauty of the moment.


The Courtyard: A Grand Entrance and Stylish Group Shots

The courtyard, situated at the front of the Royal Liver Building, boasts a regal charm with steps leading up to the original entrance. Now a glass-fronted marble foyer, it serves as the perfect backdrop for arrival photos and stylish group shots. The waterfront and the famous Three Graces provide a picturesque setting for a vast array of photo opportunities.


The Foyer: Marble Elegance for Gorgeous Couple Photos

Stepping into the original marble foyer, you’ll find a staircase that frames the most gorgeous couple photos. The timeless elegance of the marble surroundings adds a touch of grandeur to your pictures, making every shot a piece of art. Let the staircase tell the story of your journey together as a couple, creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime.


The Rooftop: Sunset Splendor and Liverpool Skyline

For a truly spectacular view of Liverpool and the Royal Liver Buildings iconic Liver Birds nestled atop it’s clock towers, head to the rooftop of the Royal Liver Building. This spot is especially magical during sunset, as the sky transforms into a canvas of warm colors. The result is absolutely breathtaking scenery and glowy ‘golden-hour’ photos that are as vibrant and unique as your wedding day.



The Waterfront: Nighttime Romance with the Three Graces

Liverpool’s waterfront is a canvas of romance, and capturing it in your wedding photos is a must. Pose by the river with the famous Three Graces as your backdrop, and let the city lights illuminate your love. Nighttime shots here are especially enchanting, providing a timeless elegance to your wedding album.




Liverpool weddings at the Royal Liver Building offer not just a venue but a collection of perfect photo opportunities. From the grand balcony to the elegant foyer, every corner of this iconic landmark provides a backdrop that elevates your wedding album to a work of art. Celebrate your special day with us and let the historic Royal Liver Building become the canvas for your love story.

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