The Venue Corporate Event Venue Checklist

The Venue is an incomparable location for your corporate event in Liverpool, ideally situated on Liverpool’s world famous waterfront in the iconic Royal Liver Building, offering a range of corporate event packages to suit your individual needs. If your event is taking you out of the city, or you just want to shop around, our experienced corporate event planners have put together a Corporate Event Venue Checklist to help you scope out potential venues and make the best choice for your corporate event.

1. Is it close to transports links and is it accessible?

It is a great idea to begin by scoping out local transport links including stations, bus routes and even local airports in order to locate the most accessible venue options. If many of your delegates will be travelling some distance by train, a location within walking distance from the station would be ideal to save them additional time and expense. It is also important to ensure your venue of choice is wheelchair accessible.

2. Does it represent your brand?

Think of three words that describe your brand. If one of those words is fun or creative, choose a location that mirrors this. If you are aiming for a more formal or elegant event, choose a luxurious venue, or perhaps a well-known building. If this exercise doesn’t help you decide, choosing a blank canvas, neutral venue may be best to allow you full flexibility to dress the space to uniquely reflect your brand identity.

3. Is it bright and airy?

This applies particularly to long events such as full-day conferences. A bright, airy space will help to keep your delegates engaged and alert whilst alternatively, dark, stuffy spaces room may induce eye strain and fatigue!

4. Are there any visual obstructions?

It sounds like a simple one, but there’s nothing more annoying than arranging a table plan around beautiful pillars or extravagant decorations so everyone can see! A clear, open space is best to ensure everyone can take in the full event.

5. Is there outside space?

Giving delegates the opportunity to get some fresh air throughout the day will also contribute to them feeling refreshed and alert.

6. Are your audio-visual equipment needs catered for?

Professional quality audio-visual equipment and conferencing facilities are vital to ensure the success of your event, and if they are offered by your chosen venue this saves the expense of sourcing an external supplier.

7. Is it easily branded?

A fussy interior or branded decor can prove difficult to adapt visually to your brand’s needs. For your event you want your brand to take centre stage and stand out, the more neutral the space is the easier it will be to transform.

8. Are there suitable catering options?

Whether its a conference or a formal dinner you want your delegates to be well fed and satisfied, and most importantly catered for if they have particular dietary requirements. Ask for all the catering options and ensure alternative menu options are available for those who require them. You also don’t want to be roped into a one buffet suits all option if you are hosting a breakfast meeting, or have a particular theme in mind.

9. Are there nearby hotels and do they have good deals?

A good venue, even if not part of a hotel, will be able to offer discounts and recommendations on local hotels to ensure your delegates have quality accommodation at the best rates.

10. Is there an experienced team and good reviews?

Always check reviews! Testimonials on their website, Google and social media accounts tell a lot about a potential venue, and it is always worth having an additional chat with a team member to suss out how professional, friendly and accommodating your potential Event Manager is!


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