Top Tips for Your Wellbeing during Wedding Week

Want to feel well rested, prepared and relaxed on your wedding day? Our guide of quick and easy ways to ensure your wellbeing during wedding week should help…

Your Wedding Week

After months of careful wedding planning, it’s easy for the pressure and stress to build as the big day approaches. No matter how organised and prepared you are the final week can be extremely busy coordinating outfits, décor, cakes and guests. And with so many things to do, it’s easy to overlook a crucial element of preparations for the big day… your wellbeing! We know from experience of working with many couples that finding enough time for sleep, exercise, healthy eating and relaxation in the week leading up to the big day can be difficult. We’ve pulled together this handy guide to ensure you’re in tip top condition when the big day arrives.

A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep isn’t for wimps! The perfect amount of sleep for most people varies between six to nine hours and whether you usually need just six hours or a full nine, the key is to try to lose as little as possible before your big day, despite the excitement. Here are our top tips for a restful night’s sleep.

  1. A Lavender Essential Oil Bath: Lavender is a powerful essential oil that induces relaxation. It has long been used as part of spa treatment menus to relax the mind and the body. Adding a relaxing bath into your bedtime ritual will immediately help you unwind and give you some well-deserved ‘me-time’.
  2. Consistent Routine: You’ll be surrounded by family and will no doubt have last-minute details to run through, but don’t stray too far from your normal bedtime the night before the big day. As humans we are programmed to follow a lifestyle routine. Sticking to a consistent time you wake up and go to sleep every day will set your body’s internal clock which can enhance the quality of your sleep.
  3. Digital Detox: Avoid watching TV or checking emails on your laptop or phone within two hours of your bedtime. The bright screens of our electronic gadgets disrupt our body’s rhythm, which reduces our quality of sleep. Try reading a book before you sleep. If your digital gadgets really can’t be avoided then turn down the brightness of the screen.
  4. Become a Yogi: Yoga has long been used as a method to relax the mind and body and promote an overall feeling of wellness. Incorporating yoga stretches, such as the child’s pose or downward facing dog, into your pre-bedtime routine will immediately slow the heart and rebalance the mind before your head hits the pillow.

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Exercise to Energise You

Try a quick daily exercise routine to get your pulse racing in the week of your wedding to release endorphins. You don’t need any equipment, just get down to the gym, or embrace the great outdoors around your home or wedding venue – obviously take care as you don’t want to injure yourself prior to the big day.

  1. Runner’s Stretch: Start with a simple runner’s stretch. Put one foot forward and lower into a lunge, placing your fingertips on the floor. Then straighten your right leg in one swift, smooth movement. Slowly return to the lunge position, and then repeat a few times. Switch sides and repeat the whole exercise again to work both sides.
  2. Star Jumps: To begin raising your heart rate, start in a relaxed pose with your feet shoulder width apart. Then bend halfway and jump back up as high as possible. Fully extend your entire body, spreading your legs and arms away from the body. Repeat this move at a rapid pace for a minimum of one minute.
  3. Burpees: Put your hands on the ground and quickly lift your feet off the ground, kicking them back into a push-up position. Do one push-up and then jump, moving your feet inwards so they are next to your hands. Stand up straight and then jump straight into the air with your hands above your head. Repeat for at least one minute to get your heart racing – You can do it!

Runner's Stretch - Bridal Wedding Wellbeing; The Venue at the Royal Liver Building

Exercise to Relax and Revitalise You

Here are some quick and easy yoga postures, which you can do in the comfort of your bedroom. Incorporate these into your evening routine to help relieve stress and increase relaxation. These are also particularly useful if you’re feeling nervous or under pressure on the wedding morning. Hold each pose for at least one minute, concentrating on taking deep breaths in each position.

  1. Child’s Pose: From a kneeling position, rest your bottom on your heels and stretch forwards and down, with your hands and arms stretched out in front of you and your palms to the floor.
  2. Downward Dog: From Child’s Pose, shift forward on to your knees and then move backwards into Downward Facing Dog, so you are creating a V-shape with your body. Focus on creating a straight line between your hands and elbows, and look through your legs or up toward your stomach.
  3. Legs-up-the-Wall: Sitting on the floor, facing a wall, start by swinging your legs up against the wall, so they are straight and pointing to the ceiling, and lay down resting your shoulders and head lightly on the floor. Extend your arms out to the side and stretch the body out.

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Food to help your Mood

You might not feel hungry with so much to do in your wedding week but a hearty, healthy breakfast will really set you up for the tasks ahead. And while you can look forward to enjoying a divine wedding reception on the big day, it’s still important not to neglect breakfast. Here are our tips for meals to boost your wellbeing.

  1. An Energy Boost at Breakfast: With a big day ahead, it’s always tempting to opt for a hearty full English breakfast or pastries. However, there are better ways to cleanse your body and kick-start your metabolism to help you stay energised and full. Slow release carbs like porridge, protein-rich eggs or meat or a delicious, nutritious bowl of fresh fruit are all excellent breakfast options.
  2. Drink Plenty of Water, in between Toasts: The big day will be a whirlwind and you’re sure to get swept away in all the happiness. Drinks will be flowing and you’ll be on a high. Our advice is to remember to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and ensure you don’t feel too tipsy before the evening begins. We can be on duty and ensure water is on tap throughout the day.
  3. Remember to Eat: You might not feel like eating much after all the emotion of the ceremony and the excitement of the day, but it’s important you take a moment to sit down during the wedding breakfast and eat. It’s a long day and you’ll need to refuel before the evening…and possibly soak up some of the Champagne!

Breathing and Relaxation Routines

The following mindfulness exercises are specifically designed to create a relaxed mindset, perfect for calming nerves before the big moments in your day – as you walk down the aisle, make your way onto the dancefloor for the first dance or get ready for the speeches. These easy techniques can be done anywhere, for as long as you like, even if it’s just a couple of minutes.

  1. Mindful Breathing: Bring your attention to your breathing; not changing how you’re breathing, but being aware of it. As you breathe in through the nose, notice your breath and how it feels as it travels to your lungs. As you follow your breath, be aware of the physical sensations: the motion in your stomach and diaphragm as you breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth. Your mind will naturally wander, but don’t worry. Rather than trying to block thoughts out, just acknowledge them as they enter your head and keep bringing your awareness back to your breath each time.
  2. Environment Observation: Choose a natural object in the room you’re in, or in your view outside a window – whether it’s a plant, a leaf or a wedding bouquet. Now focus all your attention on it, watching it for a minute or two. Start to notice everything about the object as if you’ve never seen it before: its shape, texture, colour and form. Keep your attention on the object and think about its purpose and presence in the world. And if your mind wanders, simply remind yourself of the object you are focusing on and shift your attention back to it, allowing the thought to float away.
  3. Thankful Appreciation: Your wedding day will be one of the most special and memorable days of your life but it will also fly by! So take a moment out with your new spouse during the day to soak everything up. Make note of five things that you appreciate in this very moment. These things can be objects around you, people in the room or things you are thankful for today – there’ll be lots to choose from! Bring your attention to those things and focus on them, and why they make you happy, for as long as you need. Noting things you appreciate in the moment during the wedding breakfast or the morning can create a real sense of importance. Reminding yourself of these things can also help to take the focus off any nerves or pressures that your mind has been obsessing on previously, which helps put everything back into perspective.

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We’re here to make your wedding day unforgettable and ensure that everything is flawless. We hope these top tips will help you feel your best so you can enjoy every aspect of your special day!

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