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Why you should have your Christmas party mid-week and not on a weekend

It’s coming up to party season and the festive buzz in the city will be building up momentum. It’s time to start planning the celebrations as well as the ‘glad rags’!

Where you host your Christmas party is key but don’t under estimate the importance of when! Having a Christmas party during mid-week is becoming a far more popular choice than you may think for companies. This is mainly due to it being cheaper [bonus], more convenient [double bonus] and easier to book [triple bonus!].

Christmas at The Venue

You can get a greater choice on dates by booking a mid-week party. As weekends are very limited around Christmas time, mid-week parties provide more dates to choose from as well as the demand being less.

Save your weekends for family and friends… or even for the last-minute shopping spree for Christmas presents. Book your Christmas party during the week to guarantee that more of the office can attend as they are more likely to be free. On the plus side, you will also be able to catch up on all the Christmas party gossip the day after! Everyone can share photos, the dad-dancing videos and have a laugh straight after the party when it’s all fresh.

There is an added incentive to booking a weekday Christmas party; The Venue events team will even do a bacon butty run for your office the following morning! The office productivity may not be running at 100% the next day but these should definitely give everyone a bit of a boost!

The Venue at the Royal Liver Building at Christmas

For those not wanting to go for the full blow out party on a weekday evening, a lunchtime Christmas event could be just the ticket. With an earlier finish in the late afternoon or early evening, your staff can head home easily and avoid that spike in demand for cabbies.

Whatever option you choose, The Venue at The Royal Liver Building offers considerably cheaper hire fees from Monday to Wednesday, meaning you can save money and spend it elsewhere, such as adding more theming or upgrades to the food and drink. Treat your team after all their hard work during the year and celebrate in style at The Venue!

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