Our favourite summer cocktails

Here at The Venue, our balcony is very a popular location for drinks receptions.  Have a look at our favourite summer cocktails – what better way to spend the long summer days than with a cocktail in your hand overlooking the Mersey.

Dark and stormy
This Bermudan cocktail gives the sweet taste of rum a firey kick with ginger beer, or fresh ginger if you’re feeling brave. As the name suggests the appearance is a muddle of moody colours and it’s a great alternative to the traditional rum and coke. Crush extra ice for additional summer cooling!


White sangria
The popular Spanish punch, but the Australians use white wine in their version – it’s the perfect cocktail to make for a crowd at summer parties and barbecues. Make sure you choose a dry white wine and load up the punch bowl with lovely summer fruits like peaches, plums, apples, and berries, with a few lemons and limes for good measure.


The classic cosmopolitan – a cocktail we all know and love. It’s bright colour and fruity flavours are ideal for long summer evenings. When adding the finishing touches of orange peel, make sure you peel over the glass so any spritzes of orange oil join your drink.

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