How to Plan a Product Launch Event

When it comes to thinking about how you will launch your latest product, it can be hard to work out what is the best move in terms of marketing. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small, a product launch event could be just what your product needs to really make a big impact.

So if you want to look into planning a product launch event but don’t know where to start, or simply just want to make sure you have already covered everything, take a look at our top tips for creating a product launch event that makes a big impression.

1. Define the purpose of the event / guest list

Before organising the product launch party, you should decide what type of event you want to organise, as this will influence all later decisions:

  • Media Event
    • This type of event is most commonly used to explain the product to important and influential members of the media. The main aim here is to get reviews and write ups of your product.
  • Trade Event
    • This type is used to explain a new product to industry influencers. Overall this event will result in higher awareness of the product in the industry that you work in.
  • Consumer Event
    • This type of event is most commonly used to explain the product to consumers. This event type is often much less formal, as the aim is just to introduce the product to people who might want to buy it.[/su_box]

Overall, if you narrow down your audience, it will make it easier to sell the event and keep the focus on the product.

2. Event Timing

The timing of a product launch is incredibly important, especially if you have a global audience. When thinking about optimum times of the year, it’s important to consider the target audience of the product. New Product Launch Marketing Commercial Innovation ConceptFor example, if you are launching a consumer electronics product, these are often launched around the festive period as this is a time of year when people are actively searching out new and interesting products to buy for their loved ones. If you need to consider your audience, then make sure that the audience is actually around to see it. It may sound obvious, but check for holidays and other industry events that may compete for your audience’s time. Also consider when planning your launch event if the product will actually be ready. You are better off rescheduling your event than launching a product when it isn’t fully finished. This may lead to bad reviews, and customers who are interested may not be able to actually buy the product anytime soon.

3. Location

The venue is a highly important part of product launch event planning and so you should carefully consider your venue options to make sure that they:

1. Reflect the Product You don’t want your product to feel out of place, or leave your guests thinking why did you choose this venue for this product.

2. Reflect the Brand If you sell upscale luxury products then it makes sense to hold your event in a venue that conveys a similar feeling

3. Size of the venue If you’re only inviting 50 members of the media, don’t rent a venue that is fit for 500 as there is nothing worse than too much empty space.[/su_box]

4. Marketing of the event

When it comes to planning a product launch event, it’s important to consider how you will market the event. It is a crucial part of event planning, but thanks to modern social media it doesn’t have to break the bank.

Develop an event narrative; focus on a key message that is easy to communicate. This will make your product and brand more engaging for the audience and encourage them to spread the message.

Many companies often use social media sites like Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to promote their events. Live tweeting [with a dedicated hashtag] or Snapchatting can also prove to be an effective way of marketing the event online, and making the product more accessible.

5. Theme

Every good party has a theme, so why should your product launch party be any different?

Remember to keep it professional but exciting; you want your theme to make an impact on your guests.

Make sure that your theme is represented throughout the event and implement it in your food, drinks, furniture and even your music. Choose a clear theme as it makes it easier for you to incorporate it and, more crucially, for your guests to understand it.

6. Entertainment

What sort of entertainment you offer will really depend on the audience and the venue. For example, if you were launching a retail product at a shopping night in-store, a DJ would be ideal. But if you are launching something at a smaller event, a singer or live band may be just what your event needs. Alternatively, if music doesn’t work for your product launch event, then perhaps an event speaker is a better idea. If your product is a practical one, then consider a demonstration of how it works to give your event some structure. Blurred People In Press Conference Room

7. Sales Strategy at the event

Whilst entertaining your guests is very important, the overall purpose is to sell your product. So when thinking about how to plan a product launch event, it’s crucial to think about a sales strategy. In order to build this strategy it’s helpful to ask yourself these questions:

– How will you display or demonstrate your new product or service?

– What kind of presentations, branding materials or displays do you require?

– Who is responsible for creating the above presentations/branding materials/displays?

– Will there be a formal presentation sometime during the event, or will you use passive displays to communicate about your product?

– Will you provide samples, videos, brochures, live demonstrations or other sales strategies to inform your guests about your new product line?

8. The Follow-Up

The event is over and it was a success. You might be thinking: what now? After any great event, it’s important to follow up with important industry guests or people that were interested in your product. Give them a call or an email in the following week to see if they have any more questions or thoughts about the products, or you could simply thank them for coming. If your event was more focused on consumers, this might not be the best tactic, but you can make sure they keep your product in mind, even after the event is over. Give out flyers or press packets during the event, so they can take the information home and review it at a later date. It’s also a good idea to take pictures for social media and upload them to the relevant channels in a timely manner.

Overall, the product launch event can really help to get your product out there, whether that is addressed to industry professionals or to the general public. Planning an event like this can be daunting, so hopefully you have got some great product launch event ideas of your own to make your event a huge success.

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